Black Cage Electric Candle Warmer Lantern Lamp 35w

Candles Sniffs & Gifts

£ 29.99 GBP


A revolution in candle warming technology - this lantern enables you still to use your candles, but without lighting the wick!

  • No soot
  • No flame
  • Dimmer switch
  • 35 watt halogen bulb
  • Removable platform for use with different sized candles
  • Available in 2 different colours (white and black)
  • Can be used as just a lamp
  • Suitable for use with any jar candle - with or without a wick

This product is larger than our other candle warmers and comes with an insert to increase the height of jar candles to make them closer to the bulb if required. 

Simply place your candle inside and watch the lantern melt the wax. When a large pool has formed either soak up the wax with cotton wool or poor it away.

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